A place made for night lovers and as a matter of fact, the whole concept is inspired by the nighttime since it’s a place that remains “awake and active” when the rest of the city typically falls asleep.

This is the background concept that inspired REM, acronym for Rapid Eye Movement namely the roving eye movements during the deepest of sleep stages known as “REM stage”. ‘night’, ‘sleep’ and of course ‘dream’ are the keywords at the core of whole REM experience. Also thanks to a drink list that will let you experience the 4 stages of sleep with your eyes opens


Light sleep  

Deep sleep 


REM offers a dynamic and modular experience: the drinks will change during the night, depending on the arrival time of the guests thus following the related sleep stage.

The drinks have been created according to what the brain perceives in each of the stages, in order to let you feel the same but in an awake state. A full immersion that not only engages taste but all the senses, also thanks to sound effects and light design that will create 4 different moods to recall the sleep stages.

REM’s purpose is to create a dimension where anything is possible and without rules or boundaries. This is the philosophy REM identifies with, in which different bar styles have mashed up from street bar to speakeasy up to hotellerie aiming to create a ‘non-place’ or rather a dreamlike dimension that you can’t describe unambiguously, just like in the dreams indeed.

Put a luxury hotel service, the cosiness of a street bar and the intimacy of a speakeasy all together and the result is REM.